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Escaping Freedom **

Starring: Patrick D. Green, Kelly Goodell, Jonathan Daniel Miles, Brian Adrian Koch, Laura Welsh

Director: Edd Blott

Country: USA

Church pastor Vincent (Green) is single and beloved by his community, even if he is considered a little edgy and modern. When his wayward foster-sister (Goodell) arrives, he tries to coax her back onto the right path, but instead of being a good influence on her, she serves only as a “bad influence” on him, making him realise that he is concealing a part of himself He cannot continue to conceal.

For a film with a fairly slight plot, this is an incredibly long film, clocking in at two and a quarter hours. There are long dialogue scenes in which incredibly over-earnest characters self-examine and throw the word “sin” around aplenty. And in between these are long montages, juxtaposed with dialogue from others scene, which is an overused device and pretty jarring every time.

The film revels in objectifying its lead, who it shows in his pants for a good twenty percent of the film. It also manages to be surprisingly sexually explicit at times, despite its apparent reverence for the Christian Church. It’s a thoughtful movie, ruminating on spirituality and sexuality and the ways they crossover, but it’s painfully slow and suffers greatly from Inactivity Syndrome.



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