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Exteriors *

Starring: Peter Stickles, Pano Tsaklas, Christian Gabriel, Jose Fernando, Julian Goza, Jacob Betts

Director: Mark Schwab

Country: USA

Three gay men find themselves entangled in relationship problems. Wyatt (Gabriel) discovers his best friend is falling in love with his ex (Betts). Jason (Goza) chance-encounters a man (Fernando) he hooked up with eight years ago. And therapist Peter (Stickles) has become obsessed with one of his patients (Tsaklas). Each story runs after the other, with no link between them or any real reason why they’ve been compiled as a feature film.

This is a very odd release, because it feels like a short film collection. The characters are unrelated to each other and there is no narrative through-line to weave them together. In fact, running them consecutively feels pretty damn lazy, when a far more astute director would surely have woven the stories together concurrently?

The stories are bland and meandering, feeling inconsequential and flat. Without music or tension, these are just banal duologues that feel like a screenwriter just wrote three extended scenes and couldn’t be bothered to find a story to fit them into. The latter is the strongest of trio, but watching the feckless whingeing self-obsessed millennials in all three of the segments really isn’t entertaining at all. The dialogue is insipid, the stories painfully lacking in detail, while the acting is as wooden as a Billy bookcase.

UK Release: 14th November 2023 on VOD on Dekkoo, released by DITR Films


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