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From Zero To I Love You ***

Starring: Scott Bailey, Darryl Stephens, Keili Lefkovitz

Director: Doug Spearman

Country: USA

Jack (Bailey) is a married man, but has dabbled in sexual encounters with men his whole adult life. Having always thought he was able to compartmentalise his desire and separate it from his feelings for his wife (Lefkovitz), he is taken aback when he meets Peter (Stephens) and starts developing feelings for him. Before long, he’s stuck between wanting to do right for the two people he loves.

This is hardly new ground for a movie in 2020, but what makes this interesting is how headstrong and developed Peter is. Commanding in his self-confidence and in charge of his own future, he goes into this relationship with a married man with his eyes open and doesn’t allow himself to become trapped waiting for Jack to catch up. The course of true love never did run smooth, but for Peter, he’s in control despite Jack seemingly holding all the cards.

There are some interesting sub-plots that develop and its supporting cast have a way of incidentally influencing events, but with the story covering several years, it’s fun to see the couple’s nearest and dearest weaving in and out of the narrative. And as Karla, the wife, becomes more developed as a character, you question your rooting for the boys’ relationship when she is such a fun and effervescent woman.

Lovers of a good romance will fall in love with Jack and Peter. They’re handsome, sophisticated and warm, equating everything every gay couple wants to be… except only if you left coming out that little bit too long. And Scott’s indelibly selfish reaction to Karla finally confronting him is one of the most interesting coming out scenes I’ve seen in a long time.


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