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Getting It **

Starring: Tom Heard, Donato De Luca, Sharron Bower, Lesley Pedersen

Director: Tom Heard

Country: USA

Jamie (Heard) is slowly coming to the realisation that he is the one responsible for the recent end of his long-term relationship. His selfishness and continual putting himself first destroyed what he had, but when he meets and falls in love with his handsome younger neighbour Ben (De Luca) are events going to repeat themselves?

This is a movie about understanding yourself, or at least – as the title suggests – getting it. The nature of the narrative of course means that its central character is pretty detestable and that doesn’t improve throughout the film. Ben is adorable, but Jamie is so unpleasant that it’s hard to buy into this relationship or care about the latter’s “personal journey”. Which is a pretty big flaw for a romantic movie.

The film is long and plodding, feeling like a mediocre self-help book that is completely unremarkable in every way. Jamie is a singer – but an average one at that – and Ben is a poet – but his work is particularly pedestrian. The whole movie is inconsequential and with Tom Heard both lead actor and director, it feels like a pet prestige piece that the wider world doesn’t need to see. It’s perfectly adequate in terms of its craft, but competent editing does not a movie make.



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