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The Low End *

Starring: Michael Kunicki, Jesse Massaro, Sarah Joanou

Director: Graham Schmidt

Country: USA

It’s not very often that you watch a film that is truly terrible. Cal (Kunicki) has taken his girlfriend (Joanou) to a hotel in an attempt to mend their relationship and spice things up a little. A recovering drug addict, he has little money to fund their weekend so is forced to get in contact with his ex-lover/drug dealer (Massaro) who forces him to become involved in a deal that is doomed to fail from the outset.

The plot is nonsensical and incoherent, with plenty of images of Cal looking angry and threatening playing alongside a very different Cal with his girlfriend. Considering that this is meant to be a chronological narrative that plays out over 48 hours, we see massive shifts in character and behaviour that follows no narrative arc whatsoever. As a result, you’re left with a perplexing muddle of shots whose assembly does not equate a film.

Sarah Joanou is passable as the girlfriend, but Kunicki’s performance is bewildering as we struggle to understand who Cal is or what his motives are. Massaro is also hilariously one-note with his psychotic impression of a drug dealer. This is a film whose seventy-two minute run-time is FAR too long. The characters are unlikeable, the narrative impenetrable and the style… well, there is none. Honestly, this is truly terrible.



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