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The Sea *

Starring: Marcelo Gutiérrez, Francisco Dañobeitía, Ana Burgos

Director: Marco Antonio Núñez

Country: Chile

When Lorena (Burgos) and Diego (Gutiérrez) move to the Chilean coast, their relationship is put to the test when the latter meets and falls in love with a handsome local man, Vicente (Dañobeitía). With Lorena befriending him too, the clandestine affair comes to the fore as the trio head out on a camping trip together.

Thankfully, this very bog-standard romantic film has a short run-time, because it’s very light on plot indeed. There’s sexual chemistry between Diego and Vicente, while Lorena is sweet enough for us to feel sorry for her that both her new friend and her husband are pulling the wool over her eyes. The days of an audience rooting for the sexually questioning male to discover himself and meanwhile cuckold his wife are over, so films like this don’t fare well as a result. And yes, it delivers the goods in terms of eye candy, but it doesn’t do much more than that.

There’s also nothing remarkable about any of the characters. Diego is a college lecturer, but there is little he does that suggests he might actually be that intelligent. Lorena is a photographer, but photographs the most benign subjects that makes it impossible to care about her creatively. Vicente is charming, but his spoilt-rotten “take what I want” behaviour doesn’t make particularly endearing. Subsequently, we have a group of barely likeable characters engaged in a barely-existant trudgingly inactive plot. Add to that some perplexing vignettes of women in Grecian dress doing yoga on a beach, attempting to justify the particularly inane title, and you have a nonsensical and insipid film.

UK Release: Out now to watch on VOD on Dekkoo, released by TLE Releasing


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