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In this bleak and windswept Icelandic thriller, Gunnar heads to a secluded cabin after receiving a distraught phone call from his ex-boyfriend. Fearing that he’s going to harm himself, he decides to stay when his ex claims ignorance as to why he’s there, but as they pick over the carcass of their relationship, there is something outside the cabin trying to get in. A bleak Nordic horror-noir, the film gets fairly nasty at times as we learn what happens in these isolated houses in the long nights of northern darkness. With all the majestic beauty of the Icelandic landscape as a backdrop, this tense psychological horror is a grim movie that will leave your nerves shattered.

Starring: Björn Stefánsson, Sigurður Þór Óskarsson, Guðmundur Ólafsson, Aðalbjörg Árnadóttir

Director: Erlingur Óttar Thoroddsen

Year: 2017

Country: Iceland

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