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Starring: Derek Magyar, Darryl Stephens, Jason Caceres, Jonathan Lisecki

Director: Q. Allan Brocka

Country: USA

UK Release: 23rd January 2024 on VOD on Dekkoo, released by TLA Releasing

From creators Q. Allan Brocka and Matthew Rettenmund, this brand-new Dekkoo-original follows up the 2006 LGBTQ+ indie hit Boy Culture. Boy Culture: Generation X picks up years after the original, following hard-working male escort X as he finds himself up against a much younger generation – who have gained a competitive edge on the market. He’s soon taken under the wing of Chayce, a barely legal twink who is ruthlessly up to speed on how to sell himself to clients in the digital age. As X struggles to keep his aging body fit and his unusual roster of kinky clients happy, he is also dealing with the realities of living with his ex-boyfriend Andrew, who is aiming to move on from the former romantic entanglement. 


Starring: Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal

Director: Andrew Haigh

Country: UK

UK Release: 26th January 2024 in cinemas

A screenwriter drawn back to his childhood home enters into a fledgling relationship with a mysterious neighbor as he then discovers his parents appear to be living just as they were on the day they died, 30 years before.


Starring: Fantasia Barrino, Colman Domingo, Halle Bailey, Aunjanue Ellis-Taylor, Taraji P. Henson, Elizabeth Marvel, Danielle Brooks

Director: Blitz Bazawule

Country: USA

UK Release: 26th January 2024 in cinemas

Musical adaptation of Alice Walker's novel about the life-long struggles of an African American woman living in the south during the early 1900s.


Starring: Margaret Qualley, Gerladine Viswanathan, Beanie Feldstein

Director: Ethan Coen

Country: USA

UK Release: 23rd February 2024 in cinemas

Jamie regrets her breakup with her girlfriend, while Marian needs to relax. In search of a fresh start, they embark on an unexpected road trip to Tallahassee, but things quickly go awry when they cross paths with a group of inept criminals.


Starring: Dimitar Nikolov, Bozhidar Asenov, Dimitar Banenkin, Stoyan Radev, Stefan Denolyubov

Director: Venci D. Kostov

Country: Spain

UK Release: 27th February 2024on VOD, released by TLA Releasing

Victor has a nice life in Madrid with his partner, Jose. However, after returning to his childhood home in the mountains of Bulgaria for his grandfather’s funeral, he decides to stay for the summer. While reconnecting with his father and the village way of life, he unexpectedly finds love in the form of Liuben, an 18-year-old Roma boy. Despite their differences, and the conflicts surrounding them, Victor and Liuben find refuge in each other, while a romance begins to take form.


Starring: Kristen Stewart, Katy O'Brian, Ed Harris, Jena Malone, Dave Franco

Director: Rose Glass

Country: USA

UK Release: 8th March 2024 in cinemas

A romance fueled by ego, desire and the American Dream.


Starring: Vicky Knight, Esme Creed-Miles, Charlotte Knight

Director: Sacha Polak

Country: Netherlands

UK Release: 29th March 2024 in cinemas, released by BFI Distribution

Fifteen years after she got burnt when the pub where she slept as a child caught fire, Franky (23) seeks revenge because she still hasn't found any answers.


Starring: Zendaya, Josh O'Connor, Mike Faist

Director: Luca Guadagnino

Country: Netherlands

UK Release: 26th April 2024 in cinemas

Tashi, a former tennis prodigy turned coach is married to a champion on a losing streak. Her strategy for her husband's redemption takes a surprising turn when he must face off against his former best friend and Tashi's former boyfriend.


Starring: Anamaria Marinca, Alina Serban, Samson Selim

Director: Goran Stolevski

Country: North Macedonia

UK Release: TBC 2024 in cinemas, released by Focus Features

A queer woman is forced to raise her partner's daughter who herself doesn't want to be a mother. (Awaiting a trailer)


Starring: Amrit Kaur, Nimra Bucha

Director: Fawzia Mirza

Country: Canada

UK Release: TBC 2024 at the BFI London Film Festival

Azra is ripped away from her happy queer life when her father dies while holidaying in Pakistan. And as she tries to resist conservative norms, Azra finds herself drawn into conflict with her mother, whose own coming of age – shown in flashbacks – was defined by feelings of rebellion.


Starring: Israel Ogalbo, Dean Miroshnikov, Moran Rosenblatt

Director: Nitzan Gilady

Country: Israel

UK Release: TBC 2024 in cinemas and VOD, released by Peccadillo Pictures

Guy and his best friend Joy are enjoying the gay pride parade to the fullest, when their bliss is abruptly put to an end by a deadly shooting. Fleeing the scene into the safety of Guy's home, they take in a fellow pride parader, Dan, who seems in shock. With the shooter still on the run, they enter a night full of sex, drugs and paranoia.


Starring: Jack Davenport, Josh O'Connor, Susan Wokoma

Director: Julia Jackson

Country: UK

UK Release: TBC 2024 on VOD, released by Sky Cinema

Charming teen, an aspiring musician teams up with the son of a rock star to try and win the school talent show.


Starring: Max Pelayo, Reese Gonzales, Eva Longoria

Director: Aitch Alberto

Country: USA

UK Release: TBC 2024 in cinemas

Mexican teenagers Aristotle Mendoza and Dante Quintana explore their friendship while struggling with racial and ethnic identity, sexuality and family relationships in 1987 El Paso, Texas.

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