Starring: Eve Austin, Tallulah Greive, Abigail Lawrie, Sally Messham, Rona Morison, Megan Shandley, Marli Siu, Katie Dickie

Country: UK

UK Release: 27th August 2021 in cinemas, released by Sony Pictures

In 1990s Scotland, a group of Catholic school girls get an opportunity to go into Edinburgh for a choir competition, but they're more interested in drinking, partying and hooking up than winning the competition.


Starring: Matthew James Morrison, Alexandros Koutsoulis

Country: Germany

UK Release: 6th September 2021 on DVD and on demand, released by Peccadillo Pictures

‘Before Sunrise’ meets ‘Weekend’ on the streets of Berlin when handsome young Harry, exhausted from partying for 48 hours straight at a sweaty nightclub, crosses paths with cute dancer Johannes. With 15 hours to kill before his flight home, Harry takes up Johannes’ offer to take a wander through this thrumming city. Before long, a simple meet-cute evolves into something much more, where each of these men must confront their own truths – and face their futures.


Starring: Max Harwood, Lauren Patel, Richard E. Grant, Sharon Horgan, Sarah Lancashire, Shobna Gulati

Country: UK

UK Release: 17th September 2021 on Amazon Prime

Jamie is 16 and he doesn't quite fit in. He is terrified about the future but supported by his loving mum and surrounded by his friends, Jamie overcomes prejudice, beats the bullies and steps out of the darkness, into the spotlight.


Starring: Gaston Re, Franco Heiler, Vilmar Paiva

Country: Argentina

UK Release: 21st September 2021 on DVD and on demand, released by TLA Releasing

Marco Berger turns his unparalleled eye for the male form to one of the world’s largest displays of masculine bodies- a traditional South American Carnival. Using two men as our primary guides, we watch the men of the town prepare and, eventually participate, in parade like no other. The sensual joy of watching the men of the community transform in to Dionysiac figures via costumes, glitter and feathers is the perfect canvas for Berger’s talents. A visual, erotic feast for the senses, The Carnival is not to be missed.


Starring: Nell Barlow, Ella-Rae Smith, Jo Hartley, Sophia di Martino, Tabitha Byron, Samuel Anderson

Country: UK

UK Release:7th September 2021 in cinemas, released by Peccadillo Pictures

For AJ planning a gap year trip to knit jumpers for elephants is much more appealing than spending a week with her family at a British Seaside Holiday Park. Yet, she finds herself on a four-hour car journey to the Dorset coast with her mum Tina and little sister Dayna. Met by older sister Lucy, and her boyfriend Steve, AJ expects this to be ‘a week of hell’. That is, until she lays her eyes on the resident lifeguard Isla and is instantly infatuated.


Starring: Virginie Efira, Lambert Wilson, Charlotte Rampling, Olivier Rabourdin

Director: Paul Verhoeven

Country: France

UK Release: 25th March 2022

A 17th-century nun in Italy suffers from disturbing religious and erotic visions. She is assisted by a companion, and the relationship between the two women develops into a romantic love affair.