Best of the 10s

The 10s are over! And what a decade it has been for Cinema. Films that feature LGBT characters and themes have been nominated and won every major award going and visibility has begun to filter into even the biggest of blockbusters. So before we look to the next chapter, let’s look back on what were to Top 50 LGBT Movies of the 2010s!

Top 20 of 2019

What were the best LGBT films of 2019? Check out our countdown of the top 20!

Film of the Year

Take a look at our film of the year, each year from 1967 - the year homosexuality was decriminalised in the UK - until the present day.

Best of the Decades

We count down the Top 10 LGBT movies of each decade from the 60s to the 00s.

Top 50 LGBT Characters

In all the thousands of LGBT films that have appeared in cinemas in the UK, scores of iconic LGBT characters have graced the silver screen. But who are the best characters? Who are the Top 50 LGBT characters of ALL time?

Queer Cinema Clichés

LGBT films are now bursting at the seams with their own clichés. Take a look at the most over-used clichés in cinema!

The Pink 100

From modern greats to camp classics, take a look at the Top 100 LGBT movies of all time.


What makes something "camp"? In terms of cinema it tends to refer to films that have been taken to the heart of LGBT people due to their flamboyance and vibrancy. So what are the greatest camp movies of all time? Check out our top 20!

Top 20 of 2018

What were the top LGBT films of 2018? Check out our countdown!

Top 10 of 2017

What were the top LGBT films of 2017? Check out our countdown!

Highest Grossing LGBT Movies Of ALL Time

Ever wonder what are the Top 20 Highest Grossing LGBT Films of all time? Well look no further. From critically acclaimed Oscar triumphs to questionnable Hollywood blockbusters, check out which film have had the biggest returns at the box office.

Turning Points in LGBT Cinema

The Pink Lens sent our critic Ben Turner to speak with our friends at That's Pride about what we think are the four movies that marked turning points for LGBT Cinema.

Take a look back on all the LGBT films and LGBT roles The Academy Awards have honoured with statuettes or nominations.

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