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Leave It To Levi *

Director: Jake Jaxson Country: USA Pornstars are interesting people. Regardless as to how they look, the psychology of exhibitionism of what makes them want the world to see them participating in the most intimate of acts is genuinely fascinating. Last year’s Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life was a bold and exciting documentary that explored exactly that. Leave It To Levi, a documentary that follows the life of pornstar Levi Karter, does not. Shot over five years and filmed mostly by himself, we see what Levi wants us to see. We realise early on that the film’s director is actually the CEO of Cocky Boys, the porn studio to which Karter is signed. The director is interviewed regularly, in which he states that he found in Karter something special and rare, but beyond a pretty face we see little evidence of anything that sets him apart. And while we don’t see any of the explicit footage from his shoots, the film opens with a long and gratuitous shot of the young star masturbating on webcam aged 18. From the beginning, we know this is going to be a film that revels in his looks over anything of substance. For most of the film’s run-time, we are treated to the videos from Levi’s camera roll, stitched together like an extended Instagram story. Neither him or his friends are particularly interesting, while the angle of his mother’s disappointment over his career choice is easily resolved because she’s a genuinely decent human being. The “bombshell” that Levi also moonlights as a drag queen is used as the movie’s hook, but for the Drag Race generation this will barely raise an eyebrow. The talk of how this goes against hyper-masculinity in porn fades into insignificance when you realise this is about all that makes Levi interesting. And he’s certainly no Violet Chachki. Dull, emotionless and uninteresting, this does nothing to explain why Levi does what he does and ends up a prestige piece to fluff the ego of a pretty-boy with no personality. OUT NOW ON DEMAND VIA DEKKOO, RELEASED BY TLA RELEASING. Click here to watch.

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